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Welcome to V.I.P. Pediatrics, the office of Jeoffrey K. Wolens, MD, FAAP, Wendy B. Badgwell, MD, FAAP, Sandra R. Cohan, MD, FAAP and Dee C. Davis, CPNP, where we make all our patients feel like V.I.P.'s !!!    Read More

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Flu Boo X Photos- CLICK HERE

PCR Flu Test Available CLICK HERE for details

Please Click Here to see a complete list of handouts used for all checkups including developmental milestones, anticipatory guidance and safety. (For VIP Pediatrics families only).

Hurricane Season and Flooding issues. We will post on Facebook and Twitter our office hours for any inclement weather situations. We will try to post here as well but our website may go down if power is lost during a bad storm.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Tylenol/Motrin dosage information

Click here for our recommendations on where to go for emergencies.

Recommended Checkup & Immunization Schedule

How tall will my child be?

Quote from Dr. Larry Saripkin- "DHA will never be more important than DNA"

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